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Diversity - in the Desert?

One of the questions I find hardest to answer is “Where is the best place you have ever been?”

“Best” is an insanely subjective word – but this place is a hot favourite for being the most diverse and frankly surreal incentive destination around.
There is a perception that all there is here is bars and casinos. WRONG. Having visited on five separate occasions I can assure you I have never once gambled as there has been far too much else to be getting on with. Read More →

Good Morning Christ, fancy a Caipirinha?!

First things first, are you struggling to say Caipirinha, even before having drunk a few? Me too, shall we just call it a Brazilian!

So, I’m guessing you’ve seen several stunning pictures of Christ the Redeemer, right? And I’m sure you’ll agree it is a must for most people to go and visit? However, perhaps you’re not the sort of person who likes to argy-bargy for position. Top Tip - why not sit back, relax and enjoy a 10-minute helicopter ride above the head of Christ itself. Hmmmmm how about going one step further…. what about having breakfast…. at the foot of the statue…. at sunrise…. with just your group! Yes, this really can happen, and trust me, it is a truly magical experience and one that your friends and family will certainly be envious of, even if you’re not a morning person!! Read More →

​What makes an event successful?

It may sound obvious but if you are putting on an event, you want it to be successful! After all, if you’re spending all that time, money and effort then it pays to do it properly – as rushing around and booking stuff at the last minute is a very risky business. Read More →

Why you should use an Event Management Company

Do you have a major event in the pipeline? Perhaps it’s one designed to attract or impress new clients. Or maybe it’s about promoting your company and showcasing the great things that you do in the best possible way. Read More →

What is the role of an event organiser?

Whether it’s personal or professional, there is so much to get right when you are planning a big event. And, when it is vital that everything goes to plan on the day, event organisers are worth their weight in gold. Read More →

Winter Incentive Travel - It's Not Too Late!

With the snow starting to fall heavily across the Alps, we thought it would be a great time to remind you all that it's not too late to book your winter incentive trip! There's nothing like the brisk Alpine air to revive your customers or team over the coming months... Read More →

​Top Tips for Stress-Free Travels

Are you one of those people that find themselves in a manic frenzy hours before you are due to leave for the airport? Do you frequently need to jump on top of your ram-packed suitcase to get it done up? If you find preparing for travel a highly stressful affair then these tips should help you ease your way into your next trip… Read More →

Making Corporate Events Fun

How often do you attend a corporate event and feel like there is somewhere else you would rather be? Event organisers often forget about appealing to our inner-child by adding the all important aspect of FUN! A lot of hard work goes into organising different elements of an event and this is where fun opportunities get missed. Read More →

​Life is like a box of chocolates

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!”

Forrest Gump

I wasn’t too sure what to expect when being invited on Familiarisation Trip to Brussels . I did not know much about the capital before arriving, so I was certainly surprised when I was met with an array of chocolate shops and a statue of a little boy going for a wee!!! Read More →

Common struggles for event organisers…

You, as the event organiser, are faced with a number of challenges when it comes to working on a new event project. I am sure you will be able to relate to at least one of the following situations, and you will know that any of these can have limitations on the outcome of the event! Read More →

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