7 Benefits of Working with Small Businesses

In the words of Mark Twain,

“It isn’t the size of the dog in the fight,
it is the size of the fight in the dog.”

Here’s why:

  1. Independent businesses are often owner-managed and the quality of service therefore reflects their own individual character, core values and drive to succeed
  2. You are working with a small team, so you know who you are dealing with from start to finish for that personal approach and consistency
  3. Because many are not governed by the hierarchy of boards, shareholders and departments there is more flexibility on what can be achieved – and the work gets done more quickly
  4. They enjoy the freedom to use their imagination and think creatively without ideas being “watered down” to meet with layers of corporate protocol
  5. They are able to offer better value for money due to lower overheads and running costs
  6. The key focus is on the detail and being the best they can be, which leads to heightened levels of service
  7. You are supporting people who put their heart, soul and passion into something they believe in

I would therefore urge you to give those smaller companies the opportunity to compete for your business – you just might be surprised at the outcome…


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