Delighting The Inner Child

Putting the vital FUN factor into your next event…

How often have you been to a corporate event and felt like there is somewhere else you would rather be? Event organisers often forget about appealing to our inner-child by adding the all important aspect of fun. They often get so caught up in the details that they miss this vital factor!

Events are all about the experience for the user. Your guests will want to interact in activities that will benefit them  (the “what’s in it for me” factor), and if they get to engage with others at the same time, all the better.

This engagement helps build excellent business relationships, create new leads and boost staff morale, bringing huge benefits to your business in the long run.

So here are a few ideas to consider to make your events more fun and engaging.  And remember: a fun event is also a memorable event, and a memorable event boosts your profile and goodwill with your attendees for some time…


If you’re planning a meeting or conference,  why not throw in an interactive learning experience to engage, energise and invigorate your audience?

For example, a Haka learning experience with traditional Maori dancers will certainly take your delegates by surprise and have them ready to take on the world at the end of the session! Or how about interactive skill building sessions – guests love to learn new skills that they can apply to their everyday lives.


Bring out the competitive side of your guests. Whether it be a “guess how many…” or a “how fast can you…”, healthy competition is great for ice-breaking and morale.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be sport related – traditional Sports Day type activities such as the Egg and Spoon race can be interspersed with musical, general knowledge or mathematical challenges to ensure that everyone can make a valid contribution.

You could also extend this concept into promotions and giveaways at your event to attract new / potential customers. For example delegates could compete on a ski or snowboarding simulator to win a place on your next winter incentive…


Some people are insatiable show-offs and love getting dressed up. Crazy hats, big glasses, huge bow ties… you name it, they’ll be game!

So how could you incorporate this into your event? Whether it is a gala dinner or an exhibition – this a great opportunity to create some entertainment as well as getting your brand firmly lodged in the minds of your guests.

Book a photo booth, brand up the backdrop and knock yourself out on the props you choose to provide (again, can these be relevant to your brand or message?)

The delegates get a fun take-away, and as the organiser you can choose to get a copy of ALL the photos after the event… think about the fun that could add to YOUR life – and the opportunties to promote future events, naturally!


Why not give your event that extra ‘wow’ factor with a relevant theme? Your message gets across more effectively and your guests can always talk about “the Mad Hatter party” even if they can’t remember which year it was!

If it is your company’s 10 year anniversary then why not hold a children’s birthday party instead of your standard 3 course dinner, and give your delegates birthday cake and jelly & ice cream for dessert!

Or if you are looking to launch a stylish new product then a sleek James Bond theme complete with Martinis—shaken not stirred, naturally—is a timeless classic that is sure to impress.

There are so many themes out there that can bring your event, your product and your objectives to life – it is all about making it relevant, and most importantly – fun! So get your thinking cap on and start researching your options…


Remember: adding an element of fun to your event makes it memorable…

And when you are in the minds of your delegates in the months and years to come, it can only benefit your business!

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