Vegas – Diversity – in the Desert?

One of the questions I find hardest to answer is “Where is the best place you have ever been?”

“Best” is an insanely subjective word, but this place is a hot favourite for being the most diverse and frankly surreal incentive destination around.
There is a perception that all there is here is bars and casinos. WRONG. Having visited on five separate occasions I can assure you I have never once gambled as there has been far too much else to be getting on with.

Of course, there is an astonishing variety of shows, bars, restaurants, and clubs. And retail therapy opportunities. And spectacular sights such as the incredible fountains at the Bellagio or the Fall of Atlantis in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace (shopping and culture in the same venue, boom!) And perhaps the odd casino.

And I am sure I don’t need to mention the sheer size of basically EVERYTHING here. But it is hard to believe that it is home to 15 of the world’s 25 largest hotels, yet it is less than a quarter of the size of London. And it is located in the middle of a desert.

You probably already know that an open-top bus tour is not complete without Elvis as your Tour Guide; that you can get married at the Drive Through and you can jump off an 829m tower (Top Tip – pay extra for the wrist-cam and you can whack your experience straight onto Facebook…)

But what makes this place so great is that there is so much other stuff that is worlds apart from Tinsel Town. Heading across the Hoover Dam and through the Valley of Fire on the back of a Harley Davidson was pretty awesome. Dune buggy racing also got the pulses raising, made even more exciting by the fact that the course sits in the flight path of one of the largest Air Force fighter bases in the world. And stealth bombers are MASSIVE.

We might also have partaken in a spectacular 8000ft zipline over the Mojave desert. (Top Tip – this is a short, sharp and insanely effective way to quickly recover from the possible excesses of the night before.)

And my highlight? The most breathtaking experience of my life to date? A helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon. If the City is dramatic for its abundant opulence then this is equally so for its stunning scenery and beautiful silence that leaves you speechless and sometimes a tiny bit emotional (or maybe that was the champagne that we drank in the Canyon itself…)

The point is that one should never take Las Vegas at face value. Some love it, some hate it. But I would urge you to go and form your own opinion.


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