Dubrovnik – Heaven in Kings Landing

Telling your delegates their next conference is going to be in the land of Game of Thrones is pretty cool, right? And George Bernard Shaw’s description as “Heaven on Earth” is truly apt for a city as beautiful as Dubrovnik.

I can assure you that this marvellous city is not just for those travelling in the height of summer. Having visited in May and September this year alone, I found the city equally beautiful on both visits.

With many high-quality hotels along the coast—some big, some small and from luxury to traditional to quirky—your delegates will never be more than a few steps away from the wonderful, endless glitter of the Adriatic. How cool is that!?

So what else does Dubrovnik have to offer? Well, besides the mouth-watering Dalmatian delicacies and high-quality wines, Dubrovnik also boasts many diverse activities, which in our opinion, are a perfect way to compliment any event…

Imagine seeing your delegates abseiling down the City Walls? Or whisking them away by speedboat to an exotic island? Or even sea kayaking through secluded caves? And if that doesn’t get your delegates talking, then there’s plenty more!

A Gala Dinner at a former nunnery? Or one of the majority of historic buildings that are available for venue hire… if you want tick the “unique” and “wow-factor” boxes – it’s easily done!

And all of this is before we mention Dubrovnik’s zero-crime-rate.

So, if you fancy whisking your delegates to a safe place of undeniable beauty and Mediterranean charm, I would urge you to consider the “Pearl of the Adriatic” as your next destination!

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