Fresh Air, Fresh Ideas…

When asked where to find great agencies, your first response might well be a big city like London, Manchester or Birmingham.  So you will be delighted to hear that creative flair exists in the countryside too – in businesses that enjoy the huge benefits of short commutes and lower running costs, coupled with quick and easy access to the big cities and motorway network.  And that’s not even the half of it…

  1. Work-life balance – yep, that old chestnut.  It might be a well-used expression, but when every member of the team live within ten minutes of the office and there is ample free car parking outside, why would you even consider an alternative?  School runs and sports days are easily achievable, we can leave work and be at the gym within minutes, and team lunches in the local pub rock our world… need I go on?
  2. Ideas and Creativity.   A stroll in the countryside definitely beats the boardroom when it comes to inspiration and imagination.  Fresh air means fresh ideas; it sharpens the mind and promotes that clarity of thought away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  3. Happiness and wellbeing.  We gaze out of the office windows into stunning gardens where Muntjac deer, rabbits and pheasants roam freely.  We are part of a local community where people talk and help each other. We offer free support to local charities and fundraising projects by way of giving something back.  Enough said.
  4. Easily accessible.  Via trains, planes and automobiles, we can be where we need to be extremely easily; a Midlands location means we sit in the middle of the motorway network and can be in London by train in just over an hour.  
  5. Our clients love it.  Why?  Because it gives them all of the above and more – which is what they are looking for both in the service provided and the happy bunnies they are working with.  

Let’s face it – with all the amazing technology and communication options around these days, we are actually able to work from anywhere.  We regularly chat with our clients and partners across the globe from our glorious countryside setting, and this is where the magic happens.

SJ Events is a full service event management company based in central England’s beautiful Charnwood Forest.  Wherever you are and wherever your next event may be, we can help. For some ideas and inspiration then get in touch via our website


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