How it Works

At SJ Events we specialise in full service event management for corporate clients. In layman’s terms this means that we add value from concept to completion. End to end. Cradle to grave. Kick off to final whistle. Or any other idiom you want to throw at it.

This has proven to be the magic formula for our clients and here’s why:

The First and Most Important Step

For us to do the best possible job we need to start by getting to know you and your business, so we fully understand what is important to you and what you actually want to achieve from your event. We recognise that this requires a bit of time but the benefits are huge – because it allows us to tailor what we do to ensure that your culture, values and objectives run through your event like writing through a stick of rock.

We operate as an extension of your team throughout the event journey, working alongside you to ensure that when event day arrives, we are all ship shape and ready to roll!

 Some Frequently Asked Questions

This is a very common question and the short answer is, “how much do you want to spend?” At SJ Events we typically run events from £20k to £750k – which clearly demonstrates the scope of our work and why we need to ask our clients for an idea of budget from the outset. Don’t panic, it isn’t set in stone – but it will give us a superb insight into the kind of thing we can do for you within your financial parameters and ensure that the ideas we come up with are in tune with this.
An interesting question - we have operated exclusive events for as few as 8 delegates. A better question would be “what kind of budgets to do you work with” which is answered above to give you a clearer indication of our “minimums.”
If you want to ensure that the right venue is available on the right dates and at the right money (and the speakers, and the band, and - oh yes – the delegates!) then we would always recommend that you give yourself TIME. However we have been known to mastermind a 13 venue roadshow with a 3 week lead in, which proves that it is still possible to make it happen within a short time frame.
We don’t! Every event project is customised to our clients’ requirements. We have extensive knowledge of destinations and venues in the UK and worldwide, and we will offer our advice based on the best fit for each individual project. No “off-the-shelf” solutions round here!
Anywhere except the moon would be the shortest answer to this question; we love a challenge and our approach is always innovative, creative and original. We are proud of our fantastic event partners across the globe who share our values and expertise so you can be assured that if it is possible, we will make it happen.
As outlined above, our service is tailormade to suit the requirements of each individual event project and we can bend and adapt to suit. So please talk to us about your ideas and aspirations and we will soon be able to establish how we could work with you to help bring them to life.
As already highlighted above, the scope of our events is huge and every project is different. Our core service is full event management but our fees are defined by the size of the event and the level of involvement that you require from us. Rest assured that the value we add and the time that we save you are worth every penny.
Here’s a question. Would you be happy to hire an aeroplane with a pilot but no cabin crew? Would you be happy to take on the responsibility of ensuring that all passengers sit in their allocated seats, stow their luggage securely and fasten their seatbelts? Would you want to manage the food & drinks service and collect the rubbish afterwards? Would you feel comfortable cleaning the toilets and dealing with any airsick passengers? Or would you prefer to let a team of experienced professionals take the strain whilst you enjoy the ride? To put it simply, we say Fly SJ! Our core business is full service event management which basically means we are involved in the whole process, from the outset through to making it happen on the day. If you don’t want a team on board we are probably not the right company for you. But if you do see the value in flying SJ then we would love to work with you.
PLEASE GET IN TOUCH! We don’t bite and would love to chat through your next project so please give us a call on 0116 230 2040.