What is Team-Building Anyway?

It’s not just about running around in the woods…

And if that’s your experience of team-building up to now, it’s probably not your fault!

You see, nobody taught you the critical factors in putting together a team-building exercise.

But Great News! That’s what we’re going to do right here.

We’ll share what we’ve learnt from 12+ years of doing this a lot. So you can be a hero, get results AND have fun while you’re doing it.


So that critical factor? What is it?

The most critical factor you can employ in your next team-building activity is PURPOSE.

You see, when it comes to team-building activities, an “Off-The-Shelf” package normally does little to help your business achieve its unique goals.

Here at SJ Events, we always talk about the “Stick of Rock”.

You’re ahead of me here, yes?

That purpose should run through everything you do in your business. And your events are no different.

So the big question is: how do you find your event’s purpose?

Read on…


We all know your team is amazing. But there are those little niggles that need your attention, which is why you’ve identified the need for some team building in the first place.

(Sanity check: if your team doesn’t need “fixing” then why are you running a team-building event? Why not have a ‘thank-you’ trip instead?!)

It’s vital to outline your objectives to develop an effective programme. Some examples could be:

Better Communication

Building Trust

Improving Collaboration

…or something else. You’re in contact with your team so you know what needs ‘fixing’.

Also consider the make-up of the team. We’re not talking lippy here… we’re talking about who is going to be present at the event, who has particular strengths, and who has the odd weakness that you’d like to work on.


Once you know why you’re running your team-building event, and what you hope to achieve from it you can begin looking at concepts that will support your aims.

For example, if it’s collaboration and trust you’re after, maybe a series of blindfold exercises would work. This encourages people to speak up, seek help and trust the guidance they’re receiving from others.

If it’s about confidence and communication, consider a “find your voice” challenge where your people are encouraged to recognise their individual skills and abilities and how they fit in and bring value to the team as a whole.


You’ve put your objectives on paper, and come up with a number of concepts that will support those objectives. Now it’s time to put your programme together.

Do you want to put your team together for a morning, a day or a weekend? What social activities will you build around the core team-building? What about ice-breakers?

When you put together a programme, you’ll be able to approach suppliers and venues with clarity. It’s true of life and business: if you know what you want, there’s a good chance you’ll get it!


With your programme in order, it’s time to find a venue that will support your ideas as well as inspiring and motivating your teams.

Do you want to get them out in nature, or in the buzz of a busy environment? Does your choice of venue provide everything you’ll need to fulfil your original objectives as well as looking after your team as they deserve?

Remember the stick of rock we talked about earlier?


You can look at your budget in two ways.

1) Pick what you’d like to do, then find out how much it costs.

2) Have an idea of your budget in advance, then see how much of your programme you can achieve within your given budget.

I know the ‘bean-counters’ will be getting fidgety when you talk money—that’s their job after all—but it’s a really good idea to approach your suppliers with a budget in mind.

It’s not so they can “rip you off”, but so they can get an idea of your resources and can manage your expectations accordingly.

Nothing is worse for a supplier than “We don’t really know what we want, and we don’t know what we’re going to spend on it.”

I promise it will much easier to manage if you are more clear on what you’re hoping to achieve and what you’re willing to spend.

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